From the Rivers to the Shore

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A Plea For A Patch


Screen-prints on fine art paper 1/5



Along it’s path the river gathers and collects all that grows along it, helping to spread it from top to bottom

Through this work I have attempted to beautify and sanctify the blackberry as it grows in many places along the banks of the Whanganui river.

This growing can be viewed as a way of helping to minimise erosion and flood damage, while providing brooding and nesting places for birds.

Or more seen as a strangling of the river edges, as its long scrambling vines are stopping the many native plants from getting a chance to get established.

A plant that really is a paradox, both helpful and dreadful at the same time.


Elle Anderson

Exhibition Info:

  • 2017/07/29 - 2017/08/16
  • Depot Artspace, 28 Clarence street, Devonport, Auckland