Resident by Arrangement # 1- 4

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Resident by Arrangement #1-4

Digital print on Ilford gold cotton smooth 330gms. Edition of 3

Resident by Arrangement # 1- 4 Info:

Plants are present in our every day lives. Some, like those defined within a garden, engage our consciousness. But many we are not aware of. They are simply there; forming and changing backgrounds and textures in the world around us.

These plants arrive without notice, taking up spaces and places we may temporarily neglect. These chance encounters and arrivals is what informs my practice., as well as how this is viewed and experienced.

Through the process of collecting these incidental plants by photographing and through print, I continue to explore the notion of view point; our attitudes towards these incidental plant groups. Questioning how we consider these plants (as a resource, as irksome, as beautiful) and how those perceptions are formed and change depending on site.

The work consists of 4 separate images. Each work is 594x420mm

Created by Elle Anderson