Honour Circle Exhibition

Honour Circle is a collaborative print exhibition on what each artist honours in their own sphere of influence. To make a print about something that we value or wish to pay tribute to.

This again provided me with an opening to broaden my arts practice. As recently I had the honour of attending a DOC sponsored Wananga (conference). What an inspiration to sit in the room with people who are dedicated to trapping animals pests in our bush. The inventive methods that many employed to both trap and get the wider community involved was inspiring.

On my way home it had me thinking about what I had learned and heard. This wananga provided the right inspiration to create something that I have honoured as a gardener my adult life, our Earth.

As a gardener the replenishment of this precious substance is vital for healthy plants and animals. During the wananga I learned something so simple, it made me cross I had never thought of it: Possum eats leaves on tree - so less leaf litter will fall to the ground - which results in less less leaf litter on top of the soil - which results in the ground being much harder - end result? Our humble Kiwi cannot find food, as the bugs they eats live in this leaf litter. But that is not all, harder soil, means it can absorb water less, which creates runn-off, which means more silting of stream and more soil loss.........this cycle just gets worse.

So my understanding the importance of good Whenua in my garden was the basis for this Honour Circle.

The end resulting print:

Whaea Whenua Te Mate


Medium: Lino cut

Edition: 5


Artist Statement:

Papatuanuku (Mother earth) is bleeding, she is struggling to hold the trees and plants in the ground. She has water run off, silt is deposited into rivers and streams as it washes of the surface, plants are struggling to get established and this is causing animals to find less food.

I honour the soil (the earth), as the soil not only feeds me, but it also feeds the world that sustains me.

Whaea Whenua Te Mate translates into Mother Earth is Dying.


Elle Anderson

@ To Whenua


This show is currently on at the Franklin Art Centre, 12 Massey Road, Pukekohe, there are many more other honour circles to be adored.

Posted by Elle Anderson

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